Malta Marathon

Mdina 2 Spinola Results from 1979

The Mdina-2-Spinola route has been used and unchanged since at least 1979. The distance is 10.8 miles or 17.4 km. As this is a traditional race, the route shall be marked in miles. The route starts from outside Mdina and finishes in Spinola. There is a drop of 200 metres from start to finish.

The race records are:

53:47 by Kevin Zammit in 1997
59:59 by Carol Galea (Walsh) in 2000

Most finishers, 1,329 in 2018 and least finishers, 10 in 1981

The first 2 females to participate were Carol Galea and Carmen Deguara in 1990.

65 Athletes have dipped below 1 hour at least once.

Jonathan Balzan holds the record of having dipped under 1 hour 14 times, he is folowed by Mark Herrera with 10 times.

In 2017 there were 812 finishers with a record 14 athletes running below 1 hour. In 2018 there were 1,329 finishers also with 14 athletes running below 1 hour.

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