Malta Marathon

Mdina 2 Spinola Records

The Mdina 2 Spinola route has been used and unchanged since at least 1979. The distance is 10.6 miles or 17.1 km. As this is a traditional race, the route shall be marked in miles. The route starts from outside Mdina and finishes in Spinola. There is a drop of 195 metres from start to finish.

It has been said that the M2S existed before 1979 but we have no records. It is also said that the course at some time was different and passed through Birkirkara and Valley Road to Msida. Will we ever get to know more?

The race records are:

52:26 by Charlton Debono in 2019
59:59 by Carol Galea (Walsh) in 2000

Most finishers, 1,329 in 2018 and least finishers, 10 in 1981

The first 2 females to participate were Carol Galea and Carmen Deguara in 1990.

71 Athletes have dipped below 1 hour at least once.

Jonathan Balzan holds the record of having dipped under 1 hour 15 times, he is followed by Mark Herrera with 11 times.

In 2017 there were 812 finishers with a record 14 athletes running below 1 hour. In 2018 there were 1,329 finishers also with 14 athletes running below 1 hour. In 2019 there were 1,325 and again there were 14 athletes running below 1 hour.

Most male finishers: 891 in 2018

Most female finishers: 462 in 2019

Records that fell in 2019

Course record by Charlton Debono, from 53:47 done by Kevin Zammit in 1997 to 52:26 after 22 years

Male O55 record by Peter Azzopardi, from 1:05:34 done in 1993 by Lawrence Essery to 1:03:49 after 26 years

Male O65 record by Frank R. Muscat, from 1:19:04 done in 2018 by Joseph Farrugia to 1:13:48

Male O70 record by Nicholas Vassallo, from 1:34:22 done in 2018 by Alfred Debono to 1:28:58

Female O50 record by Angele Sammut, from 1:18:00 done in 2013 by Cecilia Fenech to 1:17:29


More records can be found at the end of the full results.

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