Privacy Policy

The Malta Marathon Organising Committee respects the privacy of the applicants of the races that it organises.

The data collected (Name, surname, ID/Passport number, phone number, address, date of birth, gender, nationality, team and email address) from the application forms will be used as necessary to administer the applications and to provide updates and information on the race being applied for.

The name, surname, ID/Passport number, date of birth, gender, nationality and team will be shared with the timekeepers of each race to extract and display the race results and awards. Race results are kept indefinitely.

The name, surname, date of birth, gender, nationality and team will be shared with the company responsible for taking photographs at the start, along the route and at the finish of the Malta Marathon. The photographs capturing the applicant through a barcode on the race number will be posted to the applicant’s Facebook wall with the applicant’s consent.

During our events, there will be other photographers taking pictures from the start, along the route, the finish and at the presentation ceremony. Participants may easily be captured in the foreground or background of these pictures. These pictures are taken randomly to capture moments during the event and do not target any specific participants.

The name, surname, gender and age will be printed on the Malta Marathon official magazine. This gives the chance for any errors that may affect the results and awards to be noticed by the applicant and rectified by the MMOC if advised.

The name, surname, ID/Passport number, Boarding Pass and Hotel Booking will be shared with the Malta Tourism Authority in order to support the refund scheme. This applies to runners travelling to Malta for the MMOC races.

The name, surname, ID/Passport number, email, contact details, Boarding Pass and Hotel Booking will be shared with local Authorities if so instructed in support of the Covid-19 measures.

Only the MMOC and the database administrator has access to the database. Applicants have the right to know what information is in our database. As a minimum we retain the data retrieved from the application forms for 5 years. One may retrieve and check the data in our database by downloading the application form. To download an application, form the application code which was sent by email at the time of application is required. Applicants have the right to ask for any incorrect data to be amended. For any communication on the data that the MMOC holds, send an email to [email protected].

With each application, the applicant must opt in and choose 1 preference on how the email address being supplied with the application can be used.

  • I would like to receive information and updates about the Malta Marathon organised races and other athletic related information and updates.
  • I would like to receive information and updates about the Malta Marathon organised races.
  • I would like to receive information and updates about this event only (Service messages only).

With each bulk email received, the person receiving the email may opt out from receiving further emails from the MMOC. This however will not be the case for emails related to events to which an application has been made. Emails with information and updates about an event where there is an application must be received.



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