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Malta Marathon Race Info

The 2022 GiG Malta Marathon - Sunday 6th March

Malta Marathon Organising Committee, PO Box 1, Zebbug, ZBG1000, Malta

Race Headquarters:
The Malta Marriott Hotel Hotel & Spa - Still to be confirmed but wherever it will be it will be in the Sliema area

Applications open: 
1st October 2021

Official closing date:
15th January 2022 including the receipt of the appication fee or earlier if no more applications can be accepted. Applications are only guaranteed and confirmed upon receipt of the application fee and will be on a first come first served basis. The organiser reserves the right to change the Official closing date at any time and without prior notice. To Apply, go to the Application Forms page, late applications may not be accepted. 

Please see details of registration from the Malta Marathon website under Race Info> Registration.

The Marathon (42.195km) - Any male or female who is at least 18 years old on the day of the race is eligible to participate. The Half-Marathon and ‘Endo’ Walkathon (21.097km) - Any male or female who is at least 17 years old on the day of the race is eligible to participate.

Application Fees: Marathon, Half Marathon and 'Endo' Walkathon
€35.00 for applications & fees received by the 31st December 2021.
€45.00 for applications & fees received from the 1st of January to the 15th of January 2022.
€55.00 for applications & fees received after the 15th of January, if places available and application accepted.

Application fees for participants registering on-line may be paid either by credit card or by bank transfer.

When paying the application fee by bank transfer, the Application Code must be included in the transaction details of the bank transfer.

Fees are non-refundable even in the unlikely event of the event being cancelled or the participant not being able to participate for whatever reason.

The application fee includes a GiG Malta Marathon T-Shirt and an official race magazine which will be given out at registration as well as a commemorative medal that will be given to all finishers as they cross the finish line.

Application status:
Applicants applying on-line will automatically receive an email with the participant details as submitted, the application status at this stage would be Processed Not Paid.

Applicants paying on-line by credit card immediately after having applied on-line, will automatically receive an email with the participant details as submitted, the application status at this stage would be Confirmed.

Applicants applying and paying the application by bank transfer will receive an email with the participant details as submitted or with any adjustments requested by the applicant. The application status at this stage would be Processed Not Paid. Once the payment is received, the applicant will receive another email with the participant's details. The application status at this stage woul be Confirmedas long as the fee is received before the race is full and the applications are closed.

Transport to the start:
€5.00 - transport can be booked on-line, tickets to board the transport will be given out at registration. Transport to the start leaves the finish in Sliema at:
0600 for the Full Marathon which starts at 0730.
0745 for the Half Marathon and for the ‘Endo’ Walkathon which both start at 0915.

Application and Transport fees:
Application and Transport fees are non refundable and cannot be transferred to another event, even if in the unlikely event that the event is not held for whatever reason or the applicant does not participate in the event for whatever reason.

Baggage transport:
Baggage transport from the start to the finish shall be provided, ensure that you place your bag in the van assigned to your race, Marathon, Half Marathon or Walkathon. The baggage will be found close to the finish area. Large bags with race numbers for identification purposes will be given at race registration. The organisers are not responsible for any missing baggage or contents.

Race numbers, pins and timing chips:
Race numbers, pins and timings chips will be given out at registration. Do not remove or tamper with your timing chip. The timing chip is embedded in a white strip at the back of the number.
Under no circumstance should you ever cross the start and finish lines with somebody else’s race number or timing chip on you, nor should you ever give your running number to someone else to run with or you and the person running with your number will be disqualified and denied participation in future events organised by the Malta Marathon Organisng Committee for disrupting the results.

Timing and results:
Times are recorded through the chip that is attached at the back of the numbers. The results will have 2 times, the official time and the real time, positions and awards are based on the official times, the official time is also known as the gun time. This is an IAAF regustion that we must abide by.

The gun time is the time from when the signal to start the race is given to when each participant crosses the finish line. The real time is the time from when each participant crosses the start line to when they cross the finsih line. The gun time is used for the official results to establish the positions of the participants and the real time is for information purposes for the participants.

Chip timing read percentage is very close to 100% but is not 100%, 3 to 6 in every 1,000 at both the start and the finish are usually not read. The participants whose chip time was not read at the start will only have a gun time and if it is not read at the finish, the participant will not be in the results. Measures are then taken to obtain any missing finish times, through the use of photos and videos taken at the finish. To read more about this, you can find an interesting article here:

Since at the time of updating this page, many roadworks were being undertaken, the Marathon and Half Marathon routes have yet t be confirmed. The route maps will be updated as and when possible.

Both the marathon and the half-marathon pass through countryside and built up areas and finish in Sliema, a popular town promenade.  Both routes include a drop of 200 meters from start to finish.

A map of both 2021 routes is displayed on the Route Info page of this website. The map will show details of all feeding stations along the routes, the same map shall be found in the Official Race Magazine that you will receive at race registration.

Start times:
GiG Malta Marathon – Mdina at 7.30am and has a 5.5 hour time limit.
GiG Malta Half Marathon – Mdina at 9.15am and has a 3 hour time limit,
GiG Malta ‘Endo’ Walkathon which is also part of the Half Marathon – Mdina at 9.15am and has a 3.75 hour time limt.
Walkathon participants must all be behind the Half Marathon participants at the start or they could be disqualified.

Time limits:
There is a strict time limit for the Marathon of 5.5 hours, that for the Half Marathon is 3 hours and 45 minutes.
There will be no traffic management, marshals or other services beyond times that do not schedule participants to finish within the time limits.
As a guideline participants of the Marathon not reaching the 15th km by 0930, the 21st km by 1015, the 32nd km by 1130, the 35th km by 1200 or the 38th km by 1230 will have to retire. Those who do not retire take full responsibility of their actions. The MMOC still urges anyone not wanting to retire (although not advisable) to continue on pavements wherever possible.
Similarly participants of the Half Marathon not reaching the 11th km by 1115, the 14th km by 1145 or the 17th km by 1215 or the 19th km by 1230 will have to retire.

Finish line:
The Ferries, Sliema, the finish line for both the Marathon and Half Marathon will close at 1.00pm.
Marshals at the finish will direct you to finish under the clock of your race, this is most important for the finish photo, in order for you to have the correct finishing time taken.
There will be marshals after the finish line giving out San Michel water, Powerade and Bananas.

Commemorative medal:
A commemorative GiG Malta Marathon medal will be presented at the finish to all participants who finish the full marathon or the half marathon events within the stipulated time limits.

Award ceremony:
The Malta Marriott Hotel & Spa in St. Julians (location still to be confirmed) at 2030 on race day. We have many awards so you may receive an unexpected award, so be present as awards not collected during the ceremony may be forfeited. Everyone is invited to the award ceremony.

GiG Malta Marathon
1st 3 Men, 1st 3 Ladies, 1st 3 Male Teams, 1st 3 Female Teams, 1st 3 Maltese Men 1st 3 Maltese Ladies
1st and 2nd M/W over 40,       1st and 2nd M/W over 45,       1st and 2nd M/W over 50,       1st and 2nd M/W over 55
1st and 2nd M/W over 60,       1st and 2nd M/W over 65,       1st and 2nd M/W over 70,       1st and 2nd M/W over 75 

GiG Malta Half Marathon
1st 3 Men,  1st 3 Ladies,  1st 3 Male Teams, 1st 3 Female Teams, 1st 3 Maltese Men, 1st 3 Maltese Ladies, 1st 3 Men U23, 1st 3 Ladies U23
1st and 2nd M/W over 40,       1st and 2nd M/W over 45,       1st and 2nd M/W over 50,       1st and 2nd M/W over 55
1st and 2nd M/W over 60,       1st and 2nd M/W over 65,       1st and 2nd M/W over 70,       1st and 2nd M/W over 75
The MMOC is not responsible for awards not collected in person by the winners during the award giving ceremony.

Team competition:

A team may represent any club or group, a team will consist of 3 runners.  Every 3 same sex, members of a club or group, who finish the event will be classified as having participated in the team competition.  Runners who do not name their team on their application form will NOT be classified as having participated in the team competition. Requests for team changes after an application form has been sent in, may only be made by the participant himself or herself. Team names deemed offensive or otherwise may not be accepted by the organisers. Team awards will be based on the overall positions of the individual team members.  If 2 or more teams finish on equal points the top places will be awarded to the first team/s whose last participant finishes before the other team's last particpant.

Results will be available from the Malta Marathon website once they have been made official, participants who have given a valid and clear email address will be advised by email when the results will be available.

After the results are made official, participants having given their email address will be advised by email from where certificates may be viewed and printed.

Official charity:
The Official charity for the 2022 GiG Malta Marathon is Inspire, the Foundation for the inclusion of disabled people. For information about Inspire visit

Finish and route photos:
Links to the finish and race photos will be emailed after the event.

Other important race information:

  1. Participants of the GiG Malta ‘Endo’ Walkathon may walk, jog or run at any time. For all intents and purposes, the Walkathon is part of the Half Marathon, it is a means to allow participants to participate in a less competitive environment and are obliged to stand behind the Half Marathon participants at the start.
  2. Changing and toilet facilities shall be provided close to the start and finish.
  3. Athletes who in any way deface or fold their race number are liable to disqualification; numbers are to be worn on the front and are to be clearly visible.
  4. Athletes who are not clearly behind the start line at the start of their race are also liable to disqualification.
  5. Faster athletes should be given preference to stay at the front of the starting line, please do not hinder faster runners.
  6. Bicycles are not allowed to accompany athletes along the route, they could be cause for the disqualification of a participant besides endangering participants and causing traffic congestion.
  7. Participants are also not allowed to be accompanied by animals or prams nor are they allowed to carry infants, these could also endanger other participants or make them feel unsafe.
  8. The full marathon will have 8 water stations, 5 sponge stations, 2 Powerade stations and one fruit station.
  9. The half marathon will have 4 water stations, 3 sponge stations, 1 Powerade stations and one fruit station. Do not throw used bottles or sponges over boundary walls and into fields, throw them at the side of the road so they can be picked up after the race and disposed of appropriately.
  10. Kilometers shall be marked along the courses of both the Full Marathon and Half Marathon. KMs are not necessarily precise but may only be indicative.
  11. There will be checkpoints along the route manned by Race Officials.
  12. Yellow arrows sprayed on the ground shall help you follow the correct route. Do not turn into side roads if not directed to do so by the yellow arrows.
  13. Where appropriate Race Marshals shall aid in directing you.
  14. Although numerous traffic police, district police and wardens shall be present to control the traffic, remember that the route is not traffic free, so we urge you to be cautious.

Malta Marathon Organising Committee

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